Office of the Federal Tax Police Service of the Russian Federation for Moscow

The order UMNS Russian Federation across Moscow and UFSNP across Moscow of 10.06.1999 No. 54/390

About the statement of the Order of consideration of materials about violations of the legislation on taxes and fees

The order MKH No. 23, BEND across Moscow No. 30, Finance department of Moscow No. 01-38 and UFSNP across Moscow No. 367 of 31.07.1998

About the order of application of the order of the Government of Moscow of June 23, 1998 No. 486 "About the debt restructuring order on payments in the budget of Moscow" "The statement for debt restructuring", "The actions plan on mobilization of additional sources of debt repayment in the

The order BEND across Moscow, UFSNP across Moscow, Finance department of Moscow and MKN of 19.11.1996 No. 49/53/448/Pr-14

About the statement of the Order of repayment with the enterprises (organizations) of debt to the city budget and off-budget funds